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Where are those in need?

As my husband and I were looking for a place for YAHAB, this statement was made:

"We are an influential neighborhood. There are no poor people here."

The statement caused me to remember my childhood. We were, at that time, a middle class family. We had recently moved into an "influential" neighborhood.

However, my father abandoned us. He abandoned my mother, and his 4 children. He drained the bank accounts and left my mother, a stay-at-home mom, without income, without transportation and a substantial mortgage.

My mother was terrified and wondered how she was going to support 4 children and all that it entails: (doctor bills, school fees, clothing, food, transportation...). It was a rough time for us as we were living in an influential neighborhood but we were far from the definition of influence.

Every person who has fallen on hard times did not necessarily get there from neglecting their responsibilities. Sometimes their hard times come from the choices of another in their lives.

I know what it feels like to be rejected over the seemingly little things. The condition of ones clothing, shoes or lack thereof.

We at YAHAB are positioning ourselves to meet those needs at NO CHARGE to the invisible, non influential people, who may just need help NOW!

Would you join us by helping those who have no help. I believe we will all be surprised by how many people have need in our Influential neighborhood.

Thank you in advance.

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